A bread salad to celebrate August tomatoes!

A bread salad to celebrate August tomatoes!


Based off a recipe by Alton Brown, this is a fast and gorgeous dinner, perfect for tomatoes in August. 

  • Make a combo of chopped tomatoes, kalamata olives and scallions. Toss with olive oil. Reserve a few of the greens from the scallions

  • Chop a loaf of crusty Italian bread into bite-sized pieces

  • Shred a rotisserie chicken (skin off and bones removed) and heat on a cooking sheet under the broiler. When hot, move to a serving bowl. Cover to keep warm. Bonus points if the bowl is handmade 🎉

  • Onto the same baking sheet, pour out the tomato combo and broil until the tomatoes start to blister. Remove to a small bowl

  • Same baking sheet! Bread gets drizzled with olive oil and salt, and goes under the broiler. Watch carefully-- it is very easy to burn the bread at this stage! When golden brown, add to the big serving bowl with the chicken

  • Top the chicken and bread with the tomatoes, some crumbled goat cheese, and scallion greens for color

    Roast up some chickpeas for a vegetarian option!


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