Cheers- and crepes- to a New Year!

Cheers- and crepes- to a New Year!

We had crepes the very first day we arrived in Switzerland. Which is probably why I didn’t take pictures— jet lag! Here’s a cute one from high tea in London from that trip instead 🤣

We travelled to Switzerland to visit friends when our kids were young. That started our family tradition of making crepes for birthdays and holidays. I’m a big fan of Alton Brown recipes. This one is quite simple—everything goes into the blender. You are supposed to let the batter sit for an hour, but we don’t bother. At the end of his recipe is a variation with vanilla and a bit of sugar, which we highly recommend!

Alton Brown’s recipe for crepes can be found at SO GOOD!

Cooking the crepes

It takes a little finesse to get it right. We use a 6” scan pan, which is a really great nonstick skillet. Preheat the pan for a good several minutes, then hit it with butter. The pan should be hot enough to melt the butter right away, but not hot enough that it burns. Pour a small amount of batter into the pan and tilt the pan immediately to spread it thin to the edges. Keep peeking at the underside and flip when it’s looking golden brown at the edges. As with pancakes, you can expect that the first crepe or two won’t come out. It’s okay. This recipe makes a lot.


We all do different things. I do butter and cane sugar (I like that it’s a little less sweet than white sugar.). My son does Nutella—as much as he can possibly pile on a thin crepe—which is a LOT. My daughter used to do raspberry jelly exclusively, but now she usually does a combo of all three of these options. My husband usually judges us and makes oatmeal. Which is actually letting the kids and I consume all of them. 

Setting the table 

I love using little serving bowls for the various toppings. Plates go into a 200 degree oven while the crepes cook. Why do all breakfast foods get cold immediately? Not sure, but stoneware plates are great at retaining heat! 


The drinks!

I realized at our wood firings that lemon sparkling water with just a splash of orange juice makes you feel like you’re at a resort. That’s what my kids get to drink! I love a mimosa with grapefruit substituted in for orange juice. A little earl grey brewing in a teapot too. 

Cheers to 2021!


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