Raise a glass to the end of 2020! Give the gift of pottery this holiday season.

Raise a glass to the end of 2020! Give the gift of pottery this holiday season.

Pair pottery with a thoughtful add-on for the perfect gift this year!


Why handmade and wood fired?

My cups are an invitation to interact with fine art on a daily basis. Handles are created by hand, for hands. Comfortable and balanced, you won’t want to go back to drinking from a mass-produced mug. Curves on my cups hug your fingers and invite taking a moment to be mindful. Firing with wood leaves a fascinating variety on the surface. Tumblers that I have used for years will still catch my eye in the light, revealing an unexpected blue or a detail of crystals collected at the edge of my tea. 

My husband’s favorite scotch! He has discerning tastes!

For the whiskey fan

The smallest of my cups are shot glasses, intended to drink whiskey neat or with a splash of water. Pair with a fine bottle of scotch or bourbon!

My friend Steve purchased shot glasses from me years ago, and he mentions them every time we get together. He loves the heft of drinking from a ceramic cup and has an extra set for friends to use when they visit!

I have started making larger “whiskey cups” for those of us who need to cut whiskey to temper the strength, and because some of us have had heartburn issues ever since they were pregnant. Pair the cup with a mixer. Craft cocktail mixers are fantastic—the producers do all of the work of creating layers of flavor and depth! I partnered with Wyckwood House to offer a gift box of whiskey cup and mixer.

Shhh… it’s Coors Light! It’s all we had in the house!

For the beer snob!

Beer tumblers are a great choice for the beer bro in your life. Reach out to their favorite local brewery and gift with a t-shirt, growler, or other merch!  

For the mixologist

Beer tumblers aren’t just for beer! Pair a tumbler with fancy ginger beer or artisanal tonic. Or… Shaker and Spoon is a cocktail subscription kit that my husband and I love. They send the mixers, bitters, and fancy add-ins. Each month focuses on a different spirit!Just add bourbon!

Include a mixer with your cup purchase

Cozy vibes with Wyckwood House Coffee!

Coffee addict?

A pound of local coffee, of course! I am now offering Wyckwood House’s house blend in my shop, and gift wrapping to do the work for you. I also recommend a coffee grinder and French press, if you know your loved one would like to up their coffee game.


For the tea devotee

I include a few sachets of fine tea with tea sets. Reach out to your local honey supply and gift a jar! My teapots filter whole leaf tea as you pour. I start on a pot after lunch, then refill it throughout the afternoon to keep me going! It’s a welcome ritual!

Our favorite winery in Willamette. Can’t wait to visit to Oregon again!

Wine lovers, rejoice!

Makes plans to visit a local winery as soon as the vaccine is released and administered! I can’t think of a better gift, (someone pass along this hint to my husband!) In the meanwhile, fill up your cup with your favorite wine and phone a friend, while sheltering in place.

For the detox!

Matcha bowls! Pair with a whisk and matcha powder. Or pair with a whiskey cup. Balance!

Cheers to a beautiful and healthy 2021!



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